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Producer Amy Trefry on why it’s important to have a show about women and femmes’ sexual health issues right now:

“The door has been opened. Women are allowed to start talking about things that the rest of society finds uncomfortable. That started with the #metoo movement, and that definitely had an influence in feeling that this was a time the show would be received. It hasn’t been done before. […] We’re really long overdue.”

Production begins on groundbreaking sexual health web series, I Hear You

Recipient of Talent to Watch fund, series shoots May 8-24 in Halifax

Halifax, NS (May 8, 2019) – The web series, I Hear You, a recipient of Telefilm’s Talent to Watch fund, begins production today in Halifax, N.S. Creator Amy Trefry (Jerky, Mr. D, The Crescent), not only stars as protagonist Dr. Alyssa Hartt, she wrote, produced and co-directed the 10 episodes set to go live September, 2019. Siri Bright and Koumbie are also co-creators. Each episode of the medical drama introduces a different woman, from puberty to menopause, who each struggle with sexual health issues.

I Hear You follows Dr. Alyssa Hartt, a newly-graduated family doctor who is eager to start her own practice and finally have the chance to move beyond the confines of her strict Western medicine training. Her dream has always been to combine her beliefs in the holistic view of Eastern health and practical necessity of Western medical training to support women’s sexual health.

But the burnout from six years of medical school and residency has left its mark on Alyssa, and she struggles to find her own balance and wavering beliefs as she juggles the complexity of managing a full-time practice. With each prescription she writes, each complex patient she is unable to diagnose, and increasing push back from her colleagues about her methods she is forced to question her ability to truly support the women who come, desperate for someone to hear them, and help them.

“This ground-breaking web series will be truly eye-opening and immersive,” says Trefry. “We will engage with viewers through our website and on various social media platforms, and our hope is that the topics will open up further discussions on the many ‘taboo’ topics of female sexual health. We were inspired by the crises of gender bias in medicine – that the medical system is geared towards men. Pharmaceutical and medical studies are primarily done on men, medical products, treatments and drugs are done based on men’s bodies – even oral birth control – something men don’t take – is based on male hormones and was invented by a man. Women’s pain is less likely to be believed, treated or diagnosed.”

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