Doctor Alyssa Hart, the main character of I Hear You

I Hear You is a women’s medical drama series that follows the life of Dr. Alyssa Hartt, a newly graduated family medicine doctor who is eager to be starting her own practice and finally have the chance to move beyond the confines of her strict Western medicine training to create a truly integrative practice.  Her dream has always been to combine her beliefs in the holistic view of Eastern health and practical necessity of Western medical training to support women’s sexual health.

But the burnout from six years of medical school and residency has left its mark on Alyssa, and she struggles to find her own balance and wavering beliefs as she juggles the complexity of managing a full-time practice.  With each prescription she writes, complex patient she is unable to diagnose, and increasing push back from her colleagues about her methods she is forced to question her ability to truly support the women who come, desperate for someone to hear them, and help them.

The show dives into the real and vast world of sex and intimacy and brings us face to face with the stark, painful and often traumatic reality of many women’s experience with sexual health.  Day after day Dr. Alyssa Hartt is faced with the depths to which women’s health is underserved, understudied and ignored. As each new patient shares their stories of pain gone undiagnosed, traumas untreated, and personal choices refused or controlled by an institution and system created by men, for men.  Stories of being misunderstood, judged, brushed aside and ridiculed become the norm for Alyssa as she struggles to keep up with the growing tide of women who come to her for help.

As she fights against the limitations of resources, options and knowledge to help her patients Alyssa is also faced with the reality that not everyone supports the growing tide of voices demanding change and equality.  When an ongoing clash with a fellow doctor comes to a head and her career as a doctor is threatened, Alyssa must struggle to find not only her belief in herself as a practitioner, but also her connection and beliefs to her own body and sexual health.  With her career and her relationship on the line she must redefine what it means to be a doctor and prove to herself and the world that we must do better when it comes to women’s sexual health.

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